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Screen 15,6" LED (30 Pin)

75 €
Quarantee: 90 Days


Condition: New

Screen size: 15.6

Resolution: 1366x768

Backlit: LED

Coating: Glossy

Connector: 40 PIN

Screen type: Standard


AU Optronics: B156XW02, B156XW02 V.0, B156XW02 V.1, B156XW02 V.2, B156XW02 V.3, B156XW02 V.6, B156XTN02.0, B156XTN02.1, B156XTN02.2

BoeHydis: NT156WHM-N50

Chi Mei: N156B6-L04, N156B6-L06, N156B6-L0B, N156B6-L0A, N156B6-L07, N156BGE-L11, N156BGE-L21

Chunghwa: CLAA156WA11, CLAA156WB11, CLAA156WB11A

LG Philips: LP156WH2, LP156WH4, LP156WH4-TLN2

Samsung: LTN156AT02, LTN156AT05, LTN156AT09, LTN156AT15, LTN156AT16, LTN156AT17, LTN156AT23, LTN154AT24, LTN154AT27, LTN156AT32

Innolux: BT156GW01 V.1, BT156GW01 V.4, BT156GW02 V.0

Infovision: M156NWR2 R.0


Aspire 5xxx: 5235, 5236, 5340, 5536, 5635, 5738, 5739, 5740, 5741, 5935, 5940, 5942, 5536G, 5635Z, 5635ZG, 5738G, 5738T, 5738Z, 5739G, 5741G, 5740D, 5750G, 5942G

Extensa 5xxx: 5235, 5635, 5635ZG, 5635G, 5635Z


B: B53, B53F

Asus F: F52, F50, F50Q, F50N, F52A, F52Q

eMachines G: G51, G53, G53JW, G53SW, G53SX, G53S, G51VX

Asus K: K50, K51, K52, K53, K50AB, K50C, K50IJ, K50IN, K51AC, K50AD, K50AF, K50ID, K50IE, K50IL, K50IP, K51AE, K52DE, K52DR, K52DY, K52F, K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK, K52JR, K52JT, K52JU, K52JV, K52N, K53BY, K53E, K53SJ, K53SV, K53U

L: L50, L50AG, L50VG

N [eng]: N51, N53, N51VF, N51TP, N51VG, N51A, N51TE, 51VN, N53DA, N53JF, N53JG, N53JL, N53JN, N53JQ, N53SV

Asus P: P50, P50IJ, P52, P52F, P52JC

U: UL50, U50, U50VG, UL50A

V: VX7

Asus X: X5, X52, X5DAD, X5DIJ, X5DAB, X52N, X53BY, X54H


Inspiron: 1545, N5010, M5010, 1546, M5030, N5030, 15R, N5040

Latitude: E5520

Studio 1xxx: 1555, 1557, 1558, 1545

XPS: L501X, L502X


Compaq 4xx: 425

Compaq 6xx: 610, 615, 625

Pavilion G: G60, G62, G6-1000, G6-1028, G6-1205, G6-1030

Pavilion DV6: DV6-2000, DV6Z-2000, DV6-3000, DV6-3158, DV6-6000, DV6-6008, DV6-3030, DV6-6160, DV6-2005

Presario CQ: CQ60, CQ61, CQ56

Probook: 4510s, 6555B, 4520s, 610, 615, 625, 425


Essential B: B560

IdeaPad G: G550, G555, G550L, G560, G560E, G570, G575, G580, G585

IdeaPad: Y550, Z570, Z575

ThinkPad: E520 , SL510, T510, T510i, W510


Amilo 1xxx: Li3710

Lifebook: A530, AH530, AH531, AH550


NP-E: E252

NP-R: R519, R520, R522, R530, R540, R580

NP-RV: RV580

NP-X: X520


Satellite: A500

Satellite C: C650, C650D, C660D, C660

Satellite L: L450, L500, L505, L455, L650, L655, L500D, L450D, L655D, L650D, L755

Satellite S: S500

Qosmio: F60, 10X, 10L

Tecra A: A11

Tecra S: S11


Easynote: TJ61, TJ62, TJ65, TJ66, TJ75, TJ76, TJ77, TJ78, TM86, TR82, TR85, TR86, TM87, TM89


Medion Notebook: MD9810, E5218


MSI Notebook: CX500



Vaio PCG: PCG-71211M, PCG-71811M

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